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History of Sugar Moon Goats

Sharon Peck, owner of the original Sugar Moon herd, built her herd from NC Promisedland’s highest producing goats. In time, the Sugar Moon herd name became synonymous with high milk production.


SG SST Lady Jazzmine 1*M broke the Nigerian Dwarf production record in 2017, milking 1760 lbs in 305 days. SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna, a petite 21” 5 year old Top Ten doe, surpassed Jazzmine in 2018 with a new recordbreaker of 2190 lbs. in 305 days. Since 2018, no doe has broken Zuzanna's record, though few have come close. Most recently, SG Little Hoofprints Kona (currently residing at AppleJo Farms in Eldon, Missouri) with 2130 lbs, and Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up 5*M, with 2110 lbs. SG Sugar Moon Zesta 3*M, the first doe to carry the Sugar Moon herd name, was also the first Sugar Moon doe to make Top Ten and produced  1210 lbs in 305 days. Sugar Moon Up Miss Divine 2*M milked 1260 lbs in 305 days, and Sugar Moon Sky Witness 4*M  produced 1190 lbs in 305 days.


In 2018, SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*M milked 1630 lbs in 305 days and made Top Ten the following year, milking 1500 lbs in 305 days. Sugar Moon Vic Beau-Kaye 3*M  milked 1560 lbs in 305 days, and Sugar Moon F Belle Fleur 5*M, a Zuzanna daughter, milked 1440 lbs in 305 days. Most recently, in 2021 Sugar Moon BL Madeline 5*M milked 1710 lbs in 305 days.


Sharon Peck sold the Sugar Moon herd eventually. A majority of the herd went to Curtis Gerry, who further developed the reputation of the Sugar Moon goats, and was responsible for many Top Ten placings. Curtis eventually sold the herd to Alesia and Tom King of Mini Land Ranch. They continued to improve and develop the Sugar Moon genetics, and meticulously in collected data on the herd. When Alesia and Tom sold out, a large portion of the Sugar Moon herd went to Dreamers' Farm in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. A small number went to A Bit of Something Nigerians in Maryland, and Fredin Acres in Minnesota. We here at Mala Koza Farm were lucky enough to buy several from our friend and partner Mary Roelofz from Dreamers' Farm, including 2 Zuzanna daughters (Zulianna and Ztarship) and 1 Zuzanna sister (Ztartrek). 

Sugar Moon NS Ezekiel +*B, a buck known for producing consistent and productive daughters, is sire to our herd sire, Mini Land Ranch Dynasty. Ezekial has the third highest living estimated transmitting ability - ETA 2:1 +264, and currently resides at Oak Apple Farm in Oregon. 


Notable Sugar Moon Goats

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