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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goats and Yoga?

Goats and Yoga is exactly what it sounds like! We perform a gentle yoga class while you have goats around, or even on you! No yoga experience is required, if you want to spend the whole class just petting baby goats that is fine with us!

What do I bring?

Currently, we are asking customers to bring their own yoga mats, as to reduce any transmission between clients. Other than that, wear comfortable clothing. Pants or leggings, and shirts that cover the shoulder are suggested.

Do you have a restroom?

We currently do not have restroom facilities. We do provide a place to wash hands after class but we do not have toilets.

What is Bunny Meditation?

Sit in our Bunny Garden, and feel yourself relax and delight in the baby bunnies hopping around you. We practice breathing exercises and snuggle little bunny fluffers. 

What is a Goat Gram?

Well, instead of a telegram message, we bring goats to deliver your message of love, congratulation, or celebration! We bring 1-2 baby goats for a 30 minute snuggle and visit at your home or office. Great for birthdays, holidays, or just to say you care.

Can I just come and watch?

Due to insurance restrictions, anyone entering our private farm property must purchase a class pass. We do not allow onlookers or waiting in the car. As this is our home, we hope you understand and respect our policy.

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