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2023/24 Kidding

We prioritize placing our goats with farms who participate in performance programs. 


2023/2024 Kidding schedule
On mobile device, click + after buck's name to see all information. 

Wether pricing...$150 for one, $200 for two.

Base price for does and bucks is $400.


Prices of kids who we deem worthy to remain in our breeding program start at $600, and increase depending on LA, awards, Elite status of parents, and milk records.

All breedings are subject to change. All bucks are sold on breeders term with right of first refusal to purchase back, and option to purchase 25 straws of semen at the cost of collection only. Your deposit of $100 indicates your complete agreement to our sales terms.


If you are interested in a kid from any of these breedings, please send us an email at

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