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Introducing our 2023 Goat Yogis!

We started in 2017 as agritoursim destination, with 9 wethers and 1 doe. Over the years, our goats have become a central fixture in our life. In addition to Goats and Yoga, we are now a show and milk production farm. Our desire has always been to share our love of Nigerian Dwarf Goats with the public, so we have decided this year make a new offer to our friends and fans. Our goat yoga babies will be available for purchase at the end of the year. Your goat purchase includes a season pass for unlimited Goats and Yoga classes, May through October 2023. All wethered boys are priced at 2 for $300, and unregistered does are priced at $300.

Our 2023 Yoga Goats

Our Clients

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