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Products I Recommend

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Pritchard Nipple

DO NOT BUY THIS ON AMAZON. The red kid/lamb nipples on Amazon are cheap plastic imitations that your goat kid will bite off in the first feeding. Spend the extra money at your local feed store, Valley Vet, or Jeffers Pet and get a real Pritchard rubber nipple to bottle feed your babies with.

Dr. Naylor Hoof 'N Heal

When you get the dreaded hoof rot, treat with Dr. Naylor's 2-7 days in a row to eradicate. My Nigerians never get hoof rot, but I occasionally need to treat my Boers in very wet weather. I always have a bottle on hand.

Manna Pro Goat Mineral

Loose Minerals are an essential part of any goat's diet. Make sure they are always available free choice. Top dressing is less desirable as it may force ingestion of a higher level of minerals than needed.

Rhinehart Disbudding Iron

The worst days on the farm are always disbudding days. An efficient, quality disbudding iron that gets hot and stays hot makes it easier on you and the kids. I have both the Rhinehart 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch disbudding irons. Pro tip - keep your iron resting in a metal coffee can in between procedures to keep a consistent temp.

UltraCruz Goat Copper Bolus

Copper is an essential mineral for goats that generally always needs supplementing. When you start to see balding around the eyes or a "fishtail" appearance to the tail, it may be a good bet a copper bolus is needed.



Safeguard Dewormer

Zikimed Bolus or Balling Gun Curved with Soft Black 11 mm Rubber Cup for Sheep, Goat Stainless Steel 14" Long

This metal bolus gun has worked better for me than the plastic ones, which I always seem to break! I like the rubber tip as well. I feel it is more comfortable for my goats.

ARS 140DXR Smooth Blade Trimmer

These trimmers are a bit pricey, but not as expensive as an emergency room visit after you cut yourself with a cheap, dull bladed pair of shears. These are quality, serrated hoof trimmers that will last you years.

PetierWeit Slow Feed Hay Net

This works great for my does, I don't like it in my buck pen because my boys tend to be naughty and try to play with it and chew it. I have noticed much less hay being wasted with these hay nets. It also makes it handy to use in a temporary pen when the does are ready to kid.

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