Goats are the G.O.A.T.

March 24, 2018

Being the "greatest of all time" is a pretty big claim.  We have the argument in football, golf, basketball, but goats?  Before we make our claim as the G.O.A.T., let's first define what this means. 


In sports, its typically assigned to the player or team with the most championships. This makes cense as the goal each year is to win the championship.  But how do you claim that goats are the greatest? 

Goats are an animal that are the lowest on the food chain.  they don't demand respect, they don't need any other animal to live. They just are. Their lives consist of being.  Problem is there are no championships to win, let alone, play in.  Or are there?


In todays world, stress has become a disease and life is the game. Our lives have become so busy . We have our jobs, our families our activities, our church, our friends, our lives. But when do we take time for ourselves?  



 Finding something or someone to reduce the stress is something we are all looking for.  Even for a few minutes of a hectic day, brings some sanity. 


There's your championship game. The game of life. The winner every time is that 'something' that let's you forget about the cares of life, just for a few minutes. 


We all try things that we think might help.  We try entertainment, activities, vacations, and a lot of other things that probably cause more stress. 


Take time for yourself and spend an hour with goats. The stress will literally disappear.  I suggest that you put your phone down and actually just live in the moment of being. Don't miss the chance to enjoy. 


In the game of stress relievers, Goats win every time and in my opinion, are why they are the G.O.A.T. 






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