Meet the Stars

Don Draper

My name is Don, Don Draper. I definitely like the ladies.  I give a pretty great glute massage and enjoy being on top of everything.


I'm named after my owner's grandfather.  Basically that means I'm a pretty big deal! I also LOVE to give kisses (code for nibbles).


Named after my favorite character on GOT, I'm the buck in this herd.  There's only one thing I like more than the ladies and that's head butting another goat!


I'm only 1 month old so I don't know much but I do know how to parkour. I love to jump and jump and run and jump and run and run and jump some more!

Frank Sinatra

Sometimes I wander from the herd but I do love people.  Give me some leaves and I'll be your best friend. My eyes are blue just like Frank's.


I'm Don's best friend so I'm more like a wing man.  You can always find me walking around but never the lead.  That doesn't mean I don't like attention but, you know, Don is a pretty big deal.


I'm not into all that jumping on people stuff.  I like to sit back and observe. I'm more of a facilitator than a doer. People usually call me Vinny cause I take care of business.


I just had my first baby and love being a mom.  Don't mess with my baby though, that means you Bobby and Teddy, you darn barn cats!


I can dance and I can sing, just like Sammy Davis Jr. I'm an entertainer as well as a lover.


I'm the all American guy.  I like everyone and all the other goats. Not big into all the drama of yoga but you will find me hanging around.


How about George? Yah, I'm named after George Castanza. As long as you think you are a cat, you are a cat.


I'm named after my owner's grandmother and was the only girl for a whole year but still run the show.  I love to be the star and will pose with anyone.  No food necessary, just a good back scratch and a camera!


I'm the biggest and the oldest and have no idea why all my brothers and sisters like people.  If there is food, I guess I'll hang out!

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