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Mala Koza Farm Breathe EZ

$400 ADGA registered

Gold with brown eyes. She has scurs due to a bad disbudding job. 

Born November 5, 2022.

Sire - AppleJo Farms Wnuk Eda

SS - American Jewell Belle-Grigio

SD - N GoatFarm Udder'Ly Classy

Dam - Left Foot Farm EZ As She Goes

DS - Old Mountain Farm Life O'Riley *B

DD - GCH Left Foot Farm J Fantasia 2*M


Does For Sale

Welcome to Mala Koza Farm. (Mala koza is Polish for "little goat").  All of our stock is registered with the American Goat Society and/or American Dairy Goat Association. ​We test annually for CL, CAE, and Johne's. 2023 test results were clean, and are available upon request. 

Please do not bring any dogs or ANY other animals with you to visit the farm.  


All sale are final. All goats require a $100 deposit to hold. Goats will not be held without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable unless there is a health issue while the goat is in my care. Once the goat leaves my farm, no further health guarantees are made. I reserve the right to cancel any sale for any reason. ​


Mala Koza Farm Lolly

$300 AGS registered

Born July 6, 2022. Lolly is a beautiful little buckskin with white overlay, brown eyed doeling. She has 1 small scur. 

Sire - Dreamers' Farm Cash Money

SS - Flat Rocks Pokeman Silver

SD - RJR Miniatures Panda

Dam - Dreamers' Farm Lottie

DS - KACO Yellow Rose Moon Rockit

DD - Dreamers' Farm Leigh


Celtic Pride Addison $400 ADGA/AGS registered

Buckskin with white, moonspots.

Born June 28, 2019. 

Picture credit KBCO Farms. 

Sire- Valley's-Edge Stetson

SS - Valley's Edge AmericanGraffiti  

SD - Tiny Angels A Blu Bonnet


Dam- Celtic Pride Farm Sly as a Fox

DS - Dreamer's Farm Baxters Camo

DD - Crookedcedar Farm T Narcissa

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